19-inch Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Customize your PDU

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Step 4 Input Cord Length: 3x2.08mm²x2.5m (14AWG 8.2ft)
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Module type

Width Picture Quantity Total
1 Left ear 25.5mm 1 25.5mm
2 Logo 21.5mm 1 21.5mm
3 Switch 43mm 1 43mm
4 Surge Protection 86mm 1 86mm
5 US 32.25mm 8 258mm
6 IEC C13 32.25mm 0 -
7 C13 Locking 43mm 2 86mm
8 IEC C19 86mm 0 -
9 CN 10A 43mm 0 -
10 CN 16A 43mm 0 -
11 EU 43mm 0 -
12 Blank 43mm 0 -
13 Blank 32.25mm 0 -
14 Blank 21.5mm 1 21.5mm
15 RJ45 17.92mm 0 -
16 Right ear 25.5mm 1 25.5mm

Dimension of your customized PDU (W×DxH): 45mm X 90mm X 567mm

Preview horizontally:

Smart Surge Protective Device

PDU Description

19-inch Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU), are combined with power distribution outlet units in compliance with U.S. Standard, IEC C13, GB 10A, GB 16A and others.
Surge Protection Modules provide reliable surge protection in full protection modes with three indicators for real-time display to protect your equipment and facility from surges and damages.
Modular design allows you to customize the plug-in modules to fit your needs, 19-inch standard dimension or other custom-sized dimensions maximize the ease of use and maintenance.
Optional mounting ears in both front and rear enhance mounting ease.

The most popular models of 19-inch rack mounting PDU

    US - 8 Port
    IEC C13 - 8 Port
    IEC C13 Locking - 6 Port
    CN - 6 Port (10A, 16A)

ModelOutlet TypeOrdering Code
WTH-CS/PDU-USUS - 8 PortUS121042 Datasheet
WTH-CS/PDU-C13IEC C13 - 8 PortUS121052 Datasheet
WTH-CS/PDU-C13 LockingIEC C13 Locking - 6 PortUS121055 Datasheet
WTH-CS/PDU-CN16CN 16A - 6 PortCN121043 Datasheet
WTH-CS/PDU-CN10CN 10A - 6 PortCN121044 Datasheet

19-inch Rack PDU Features

1. Perfect structural design, height: 1U (44.5mm), depth: 89mm
2. Exquisite craftsmanship, Reversible ears faces front or rear in rack
3. Black aluminum alloy oxidation, artistic color, sleek edge
4. Independent grounding terminal, superior surge protection features
5. Modular-structure and Multi-function customized combination, standard 19-inch length, more options of customized lengths are available


The switch is designed to concave to the surface to prevent the cable from accidentally disconnected

PDU Surge Protection & User Interface

Max. continuous operating voltage (Uc~): 275V
Nominal Discharge Current (In): 5kA
Max. Discharge Current (Imax): 10kA
Open circuit voltage (Uoc): 15kV
Voltage protection level (Up): 1.2kV

PDU Output Connection

US NEMA 5-15R IEC C13 IEC C13 Lock CN (10A/16A) EU

PDU Input Type

US NEMA 5-15P EU CN IEC C20 16A/32A industrial

PDU Input Cable

Input Cord Length: 3x2.08mm²x2.5m (14AWG 8.2ft)
Optional other specifications and length of the power cord.

19" Rack Mounting Installation

Customize your Smart PDU

1. Real-time monitoring of the operational status of Surge Protective Devices(SPDs): once an SPD fault occurs, a warning message will be issued promptly.
2. Real-time monitoring of lightning and surge; once a lightning strike or surge occurs, a warning message will be issued immediately, and the counts of lightning strikes and surges will be measured at the same time.
3. Real-time monitoring of system temperature.
4. Networking functions: RS485/Modbus
5. Expand to Cloud Service at: GreenSPD.com, providing real-time web browsing of system operation and setting E-mails to send alarm information.

If you have any other specific requirements, please contact us at info@watchfuleyesolutions.com