19"-rack Application & Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

19"-rack Application & Power Distribution Unit (PDU) offers reliable full surge protection modes to protect your facility against surge. The PDU provides real-time reporting of protection status via three indicators.
The modular design allows you to customize plug-in module combination based on your needs, thus can maximize the flexibility in use and be easily maintained. Easy installation from different directions.

    US - 8 Port
    US - 12 Port
    RJ45 - 24 Port
    RJ45 - 16 Port
    RJ45 - 8 Port
    IEC C13 - 8 Port
    US - 4 Port, IEC C13 - 4 Port
    US, IEC C13, RJ45
    CN - 6 Port (10A, 16A)
    Smart PDU

19-inch Rack Features

1. Perfect structural design, height: 1U (44.5mm), depth: 89mm
2. Exquisite craftsmanship, pretty and durable mounting ears
3. Black aluminum alloy oxidation, artistic color, sleek edge
4. Independent grounding terminal, superior surge protection features
5. Modular-structure and Multi-function customized combination
6. Standard 19-inch length, more options of customized lengths are available

PDU Surge Protection

Uc~: 150V
In: 5kA
Uoc: 15kV
Up: 1.0kV

More Module Options (mm)

25.5 21.5 43mm 86mm 32.25 32.25 43mm 18 43mm 32.25 21.5 18 25.5

19" Rack Mounting Installation

Cable specification: 3G2.5mm²X2.5m(8.2ft)

Product List

ModelTypeOrdering Code
WTH-CS/PDU-USUS - 8 PortUS121042 Datasheet
WTH-SG/RJ45-KH-C/24RJ45 - 24 PortUS121181 Datasheet